Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bike Futures: Lessons from Copenhagen

  • mainstream cycling - everyday cycling for everybody
  • physically separated paths are the best way to get more people cycling and to overcome the sense of unsafety many people feel about sharing the road with fast moving cars
  • work on both hard and soft (culture,behaviour) infrastructure
  • build the network - resolve weak links
  • use data, counts of people - not cars - to analyse how road space is being used
  • use pilots/trials eg 'Saturday Streets' - give people the experience (showed New Yor example where they had just used planter boxes and tables and chairs)
  • use visualisations rather than plans so people can see the imagined future
  • build on the values of your city
  • reduce car speed, bike speeds can go up
  • favour on road treatments, to off road - as part of enlivening cities
  • make small interventions where you can. Be responsive and fix easily fixable problems

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