Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tree protection on the Dili foreshore

Footpath condition in Dili

trip hazard

Beach cleaning and litter management on the Dili foreshore

Plastic bottles and wrappers caught in the seaweed and vegetation

Manual beach cleaning

There is no differentiation between the bins.
The person emptying the bins dives into them to retrieve the rubbish inside

The Dili foreshore

Friday, June 22, 2012

Living walls

I love these living walls on houses in Elwood. I probably missed the autumn best of this house. I like the way the red creeper relieves the austerity of the plain grey house.
This house, backing onto the Elwood Canal, is gradually being covered with creeping fig.


Passed this colourful and inventive fence surrounding the St Kilda Park Primary School community garden this morning. Its a friendly fence. There is no gate. You can walk in or clamber under the fence posts. It is a very appropriate fence in a public park, Albert Park Reserve. I love colour pencils too.

Coffee cart in St Kilda

I was very attracted to this coffee cart in a modified cargo bike which provided hot drink support to the City of Port Phillip's St Kilda Triangle consultation attempt on the St Kilda foreshore this morning. It was bitterly cold, and all wind seemed to concentrate on the particular spot selected for the conversation.

Our daily dose of coffee has its power demands - the machine itself, the urn, the fridge. See the neat fridge tucked away under the coffee machine. The water is stored at the other end. Wishing the coffee cart and its operator well.