Thursday, April 9, 2009

Michael Haines
Westgate Ports
Metropolitan Transport Forum
  • advocate for inland ports at Altona and Lyndhurst
  • we have moved from manufacturing to trade
  • the population is growing
  • shopping patterns have changed especially with the use of the internet
  • objective should be lower emissions per ton for more freight vehicles
  • fuel costs are going up
He listed the impediments to rail as being
  • freight needs to be moved in batches
  • the broad and the standard guage question
  • conflict with passenger services
  • level crossings
  • fixed windows during which rail can run
  • 19th century signalling
  • limited access and delivery points
  • need a high volume to justify
He argued for developing hubs next to freeway and rail
  • freight movement from 10 pm to 5 am @ 80 kph on dedicated lanes with no braking or gear change noise
  • that freight corridors were more important than the technology viz truck or train

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