Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Wither the weather' - planning in a time of climate change

notes taken from an address by
Nick Dimopoulos (National Transport Commission
Planning for environmentally sustainable transport
  • agriculture is moving north
  • 2 degrees of warming will result in 17% more cost on roads
  • oil supply is going down whereas oil demand is going up
  • Transport is responsible for 14% emissions
  • Transport is the fastest growing sector for emissions
  • The NTC supports the inclusion of transport in an ETS
  • Pubic transport currently makes up for 9% of all trips
  • the integration of all urban transportation needs to be optimised
  • Australia is the only OECD country without a National People Moving Strategy
  • More interventionist land use planning is going to be necessary in the future
  • With developments of 5 storeys, over 600,000 people could be accommodated along Melbourne's tram routes - we've got to work smarter with what we've got
  • Road pricing is preferable, though politically sensitive, to building new infrastructure
at IPAA 9/04/2009

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