Friday, June 5, 2009

Green Transport Breakfast

Rob Freemantle

  • each person makes about 4 trips per day
  • that is 14m trips per day across metro Melbourne
  • add population growth - each person making 4 trips per day
  • have to make best use of the existing network
  • creating employment close to where people lives reduces the need for travel
  • we will still need roads, but need to put them to the best use
  • that is why we need network operating plans
  • some roads will be managed with the whole network and economy at the forefront, others will be local roads responding to local needs
  • Freight Futures optimises some routes - Principal Freight Network
  • Higher Productivity Vehicles which carry 2 x 40 foot containers reduce truck movements by a third
  • carpooling can make an enormous contribution especially at the peak Current car occupancy is 1.08
  • cycling has grown 20% p/a over the past 4 years
  • 40% of trips are 2 kms or less

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