Saturday, June 6, 2009

Victorian Coastal Forum

23 April 2009
for the presentations referred to below see Victorian Coastal Forum

Three themes of the Victorian Coastal Strategy

  • climate change
  • population growth
  • the marine environment

John Church CSIRO

  • sea level rise will be variable (will not rise like water in a bath tub)
  • sea level rise will come from both mass and volume change (thermal expansion)
  • we might go from 1 in 5 year events every 1 to 2 years, and historically derived 1 in a hundred year events several times a year
  • combined storm surge and tide wil have more impact than sea level rise

for more information go to

see also presentation from Clive Attwater from SGS:

Lyndon Webb from Wellington Shire

  • ask developers to prepare a climate change sea level response plan (include S173 to acknowledge risk on vulnerable properties)

Peter Christoff

  • burden sharing

Risk assessment is primary

'deceptive certainty of lines on maps' to define acceptable levels of risk

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