Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rob Adams

Climate Change Adapation Symposium
3 and 4 June 2009

Rob Adams
Rob spoke about the need to densify the city. He spoke again about the desirability of increasing density along tram lines.
  • 75% of emissions come from cities - this is why we have to work with cities
  • the liveability that people talk about is becoming sustainability
  • 'design a good street and you design a good city'
  • all the most liveable cities are dense - Barcelona for example. Buildings of 7 to 8 storeys. Create 75% active frontages. Hang on to your heritage buildings
  • we have all the space we need along major transport corridors to build all the housing we need without extending the urban growth boundary.
  • 'productive suburbs' that can remain largely unchanged
  • we have got to tackle the cost of building over 3 storeys as it is inhibiting consolidation

There is a discussion about density along tram lines at

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