Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Michael Kiely: soil farming

Port Phillip Business Breakfast

Some notes:

  • climate change means 'chaotic events everywhere'

  • 'soil farming'

  • 'if you can't imagine success, you can't be successful'

  • 'your customer is an appreciating asset'

  • 'not all customers are equal'

  • you will have a fan club - work with them

  • you may only need to deal with a small number of people

  • 'the loyalty ladder'

  • 'helping customers build community'

  • 'the distance from awareness to despair is short'

  • start from where you are

  • 'business clusters'

  • 'sponsor a suburb to catch the CO2 challenge and sell the story of hope'

  • Carbon Farmers

  • its 'an individual challenge', it about 'how do I live my life'

  • 'I feel optimistic and I feel better and its better for my health'

  • 100% ground cover 100% of the time

  • its all cycles, carbon cycle, water cycle

  • so that your soil is like a sponge

  • your idea has to get wings

  • yes, you will have war stories but nothing good was ever easy

  • 'I sit with the strongest negative person because then I've got them all'

23 June 2009

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